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A selection of our books


All of the books are available except those marked with an asterisk


Some of the books are listed as published by 4M Publications, a venture set up in 1976 involving Michael and Maggie Kindred, and Malcolm and Marion Goldsmith (hence the 4 Ms!)

All of the books are available except the those marked with an asterisk.


Training and Supporting the Care Force - that's nearly all of us



Once Upon a Game - my precarious career as a games inventor!


ISBN 9781782282655

Price: £9.99



Paperback: (Approx 150pp TBA)

ISBN 9781782282686

Price: £8.99


Maggie Kindred

Pneuma Springs Publishing 2013


Michael Kindred

Pneuma Springs Publishing 2013


Social carers generally are undervalued by society, so often undervalue themselves.

This book therefore helps carers to

- recognise and value the skills they already possess

- develop these skills through applying theory to everyday situations

- understand the complex social welfare background of today, since  knowledge is power

- be equipped to work with people who have very different backgrounds and experience from their own

- deal with jargon!

From this training comes an unbelievable amount of support, as well as making all kinds of everyday experiences more interesting and enjoyable.


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This book will give you an insight into the fascinating, and sometimes frustrating world of games inventing based on Michael's 55 years of experience of the successes and failures, the laughter and tears, the delight and the boredom.

Have you ever wondered what's involved in trying to think of an idea for a game? How do you develop it and make an initial prototype? How important is play-testing, and whom do you ask to help you in that process? What are the tips for writing rules? How do you go about trying to get your idea onto the marketplace? What are the important parts of a contract? This book won't give you all the answers, but it should help you to understand some of what goes on behind the scenes as Michael traces the story of an interest which started as a hobby and then became his full-time occupation.

Along the way he met his wonderful wife, Maggie, and had a child who loves games - what a surprise! - and worked with some great friends and colleagues. For about 30 years, Maggie and Michael and some of these people shared in the writing of books, mainly ones to do with groupwork, communication, teamwork and social care. You will also find out about a collaboration which saw a couple of books about cryptic crosswords launched.

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A Grief Unobserved -

helping parents and carers with early childhood bereavement


Paperback: 60 pp

ISBN 978-1-907728-37-2

Price: £7.99



Maggie Kindred

Pneuma Springs Publishing 2012




A new book on a subject where very little is available. It is for parents, carers, and professionals who work with them. Very often the remaining parent, close relatives and well-meaning friends, are understandably so involved with their own grief that they try to sweep the child's problem under the carpet. They can regard apparent lack of reaction in the child with relief, rather than as a danger signal. This book is essentially practical - it is meant to make 'therapy' an everyday concept, so avoids jargon and theoretical language where possible.

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Once upon a group   Once upon a group exercises

Paperback: 112 pages

ISBN 978-1849051668

Price: £9.99



Paperback: 94pp A4 photocopiable

ISBN 0 9530494 18

Price: £20.00



Michael and Maggie Kindred

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2nd edition 2010


Michael and Maggie Kindred

4M Publications 1998

Groups are a universal phenomenon, but their dynamics, make-up and customs can vary widely. A group can be anything from a family to a sports club. Having a good understanding of how groups work can make them more effective, enriching and fun. Once Upon A Group is a short, light-hearted guide to groupwork, providing an easily-digestible way of understanding group dynamics, the practicalities of running a group, and how to participate in one.

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Jessica kingsley once upon a group


This workbook of exercises to develop group work skills, may be used on its own or in conjunction with Once upon a group

Contents include:

How to use this workbook

A model of group life

Task and maintenance

Running a group

26 exercises with debriefing notes

Developing teamwork ... from an understanding of personality Once upon a team exercises - exercises to assess and develop team skills

Paperback: 76 pages A5

ISBN 0 9530494 4 2

Price: £8.50



Paperback: 123 pp A4 Photocopiable

ISBN 09530494 50

Price: £20.00


Malcolm Goldsmith and Michael Kindred

4M Publications 2002


Michael and Maggie Kindred

4M Publications 2001

This book helps members of teams to evaluate their work and then introduces them to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator™ so that they can develop their understanding of the different kinds of personalities. The book then looks at how this knowledge can be used to throw light on the ways in which these different personalities can interact in a team situation.

Contents include:

Is this your team?

What makes an efficient and effective team?

Questions that teams need to ask themselves

Team meetings - how efficient and effective are they?

How personality differences can be used to advantage in team situations: a) communications, b) setting goals; c) resolving conflict

The personality of organisations


This workbook may be used on its own or in conjunction with Developing Teamwork with which it is complementary but different

Contents include:

Models of team life

Foundations of all group and team work

7 assessment exercises: 'Where are you now?'

11 exercises for 'Getting there – travellers' aids'

6 exercises about 'Crises, hazards and obstacles'

4 exercises 'Celebrating progress'

A Practical Guide to Working with Reluctant Clients in Health and Social Care   500 Tips for communicating with the public

Paperback: 144 pages

ISBN 9781849051026

Price: £16.99



Paperback: 112 pages

ISBN 978-1849051668

Price: £14.99


Maggie Kindred illustrated by Cath Kindred

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2010


Michael and Maggie Kindred

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2011

Practitioners in health and social care are often required to work with clients who do not want to work with them, and these 'reluctant' clients can often be the most challenging, but most rewarding, to work with. This practical, jargon-free book covers all the issues that practitioners are likely to encounter in the course of working with reluctant clients. This is an essential book for students, practitioners, voluntary sector workers and trainers in the fields of health, social care and social work.

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Jessica kingsley reluctant clients


This is a light-hearted, easily digestible guide with a wealth of handy hints and tips for communicating with the public. For those in the helping professions, communicating with the public can sometimes be a challenge, and different skills are needed to those used when communicating with friends and family.

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Jessica kingsley 500 tips communicating

So, you're on a committee now ...

...a guide for anyone involved in the work of a committee

A Workbook for developing the local church

Paperback: 72 pages A5

ISBN 0 9530494 3 4

Price: £8.50


Paperback 83pp A4 photocopiable

ISBN 978-0-9530494-9-3

Price: £20.00

Michael Kindred and Malcolm Goldsmith

4M Publications 1999

Richard Impey

4M Publications 2009

The easily digested text is enlightened with over 35 pin-person drawings, most of which take a light-hearted look at the work of committees. Specimen agendas and minutes are included. Contents include:

Coming to terms with committees

What is the purpose of a committee?

Who are the actors in the play?

The role of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer

Drawing up an agenda

Proposing a motion and voting

Writing minutes

Confidential minutes


Standing and executive committees


The 'powers' behind the committee


People you might meet on your committee


The Workbook is designed to help congregations discover how they work, what they are taking for granted and why they may be caught in certain predicaments. It encourages reflection on the organisational aspects of the local church but not in a formal constitutional way. Together you look at

• Your shared story

• The numerical size of the congregation and how that might be changing

• The purposes you may be taking for granted

• The nature of your outlook on life

• The stage you may have reached on a life cycle

• The reasons people have for choosing this church

All these reflections add up to an account of who you are, how you organize yourselves, and where your strengths lie, which in turn suggests appropriate ways of development.

In a Strange Land... People with Dementia and the Local Church Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Paperback 239 pp A5

ISBN 0 9530494 6 9

Price: £14.95

Post Free


Paperback 130 pages

If ordered from this website

Price: £55

Price: £49.50

Malcolm Goldsmith

4M publications 2004


Maggie Kindred

My Training Resources (part of Sahara Consultancy) 2011

About one person in twenty over the age of sixty-five and about one in five over the age of eighty have dementia. These people will have spouses, partners, children, relatives and friends. It is likely therefore that just about every church congregation and community will have a number of people affected, directly or indirectly, by dementia.

This book, written by someone who has spent many years as a parish priest is full of reflections and suggestions. It is an attempt to guide and encourage people in this important but often neglected area of ministry.


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This training workbook is for you if you:
- need something which is not another policy manual
- need something that raises awareness of diversity   and discrimination
- need a DIY training course
- need to experience 'difference' in the sense of   another identity, or condition from your own in   some small but significant  way
- need relevant facts to offset prejudice

It can be used with individuals, small and large groups, or self study.

Eight chapters covering, what is discrimination based on race, social class, gender, disability, age, transgender and sexual orientation, all with detailed background information and facts and figures  and easy to use exercises with full instructions and ideas for debriefing.

For more details click here

my training resources diversity and equal opportunities


Quiz Quest Challenge*

Michael Kindred and Malcolm Goldsmith – Ward Lock: Cassell 1993


Play the Quiz Quest*

Michael Kindred and Malcolm Goldsmith – Ward Lock: Cassell 1993

XWD* - A dictionary of crossword abbreviations

Michael Kindred and Derrick Knight - Chambers: paperback 2005


Knowing Me - Knowing You -

Malcolm Goldsmith and Martin Wharton - SPCK 1993

Master the Quiz Quest*

Michael Kindred and Malcolm Goldsmith – Ward Lock: Cassell 1993


Knowing Me - Knowing God

Malcolm Goldsmith - SPCK 1995

Cryptic Crosswords and how to solve them *

Michael Kindred and Derrick Knight - Chambers: hardback 1993; paperback 1995; revised paperback edition 2002.

Hearing the Voice of People with Dementia

Malcolm Goldsmith – Jessica Kingsley 1996




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