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Training and Supporting the Care Force - that's nearly all of us

Once Upon a Game - my precarious career as a games inventor!


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Quiz Quest on Alcohol


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Who we are

Maggie Kindred Picture

Maggie Kindred

...originally trained as a teacher, then moved into social work. She combined training with social work practice for many years. She is also a qualified online tutor specialising in social work, groupwork, teamwork and approaches to learning.


Michael Kindred

...is a freelance games inventor and educational consultant. His hobby for many years became a full-time occupation in 1978, and since that time he and Malcolm Goldsmith have collaborated in this work.

Malcolm Goldsmith Picture


Malcolm Goldsmith

...since ordination in 1962 worked in parishes in Birmingham, Nottingham and Edinburgh. He was a university chaplain, a chaplain to a hospice and a Research Fellow within the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling. He eventually retired and sadly died in July 2011.



We also have a number of valued associates:
Derrick Knight   ...is a semi-retired personal counsellor and Social Work consultant.  
He has been setting cryptic crosswords under the pseudonym Mordred since 1990, and now has more  time to devote to his regular outlets which include The Times Listener; Sunday Telegraph EV; The Independent, and The Magpie, a  tough crosswords magazine.
Cath Kindred   ...has a background in mathematics, her current role is methods development in civil aerospace engineering. However, art and illustration are keen outside interests.
Richard Impey   ...has been an Anglican priest for 40 years, during which time he has served in city centre, rural and seaside parishes, as well as being Director of Training in different Anglican dioceses. He has done extensive research into the ways congregations learn and develop and has written a more detailed book about developing the local church.
  Acknowledgement: Michael is most grateful to friend Mike Button for his valuable comments and advice about grappling with the technology, getting the games to pose for the camera, and making the material user-friendly. It was great fun!



   What we do

... invent new family board and card games, design the prototypes and demonstrate them to manufacturers

... write educational books.

... devise training material and study kits in response to requests from educational organisations

... set crosswords for newspapers and magazines, and invite commissions.

  In addition, we

... welcome enquiries from games manufacturers who would like to market any of the games shown below, either in the same format, revised and/or rethemed.

... invite commissioned work from manufacturers, where they want a game for a specific purpose.

... invite online tutoring assignments in social work, groupwork, teamwork and approaches to learning.


  What we have done so far

Malcolm and Michael collaborated for more than 30 years on inventing family board and card games, educational and promotional games, and have had over 50 different ones marketed. They have also co-written education and training material and books. Total sales of the games in the photo, together with the training material and books, stand at over 4 million. Their best selling game was My Word, with 2 million packs sold in more than 20 countries. They have also devised another 150+ games which have not been taken up by manufacturers.

Maggie, Michael and Malcolm have written the educational books. Derrick and Michael have co-authored two books about cryptic crosswords published by Chambers. They also set crosswords under the pseudonyms Mordred and Emkay for various newspapers and magazines, including The Independent, The Times ( The Listener crossword) and The Sunday Telegraph (Enigmatic Variations crossword).

Cath has illustrated A Practical Guide to Working with Reluctant Clients in Health and Social Care.

Richard has written A Workbook for developing the local church.








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